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FALLING LEAVES is great for your party games list, and as no skill is needed, great as an ice breaker game too. It is alot of fun especially in the office, helps build team spirit.

This ice breaker game is played with a pack of cards divided into the 4 suits.

A bin, basin or box, placed on the floor.

2-4 teams, each with their cards.

1 team hearts.
1 team diamonds.
1 team spades.
1 team clubs.

Or 1 team of each “RED and BLACK”.

Each player holds 1 playing card, with the long edge on the end of their nose.Then drops the card into the bin below. Sounds easy….its not.

But, it is a lot of fun.

The winning team has the most of their card suits or colours in the bin.

Variations include,

each team having their own bin.

Once they have each dropped one card, on target or not.Then, in turn, they each pick up 1 card from the floor.

Try again to drop it in the bin.

The winning team has all their cards in the bin first.


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