Balloon Game

Outdoor balloon ball.

This is a great balloon game for the beach or Park.
Arrange the players in two teams, if you have bibs use them, if not; you will need to identify the teams.
Mark out a large pitch with a goal at either end.
The object of the game is to score goals.
A player cannot hold the ball or run with it, you can simply tap or slap the balloon in the direction of a team member.
The balloon can only be moved by hitting it with the palm of your hand, no other part of the body is acceptable.
The game begins with the balloon being thrown in the air in the middle of the pitch, it is then up to both teams to try and gain possession of the balloon to edge it towards the goal of the opposition.
This game is best played with a referee to prevent it from becoming unnecessarily boisterous.
Usual football rules apply when the balloon goes out of play.
Put a time limit on the first half of the game, and then switch ends for the second half, as the wind could be a factor to the outcome of the game.
Variation. Can be played inside in a sports hall, but without any boundary markings. This way, the ball cannot go out of play and the game becomes much faster.

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