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What’s Your Favourite? Is Your Free Link To party Games, Which Have Amused And Entertained The World Since Time Began.

Every child has a favourite fun game and probably every Grand Parent can still remember theirs.

The list of games categories should be used as a suggestion only.
There is no reason why you cannot adapt an outdoor game for inside, or change Christmas fun to Easter, just a few tweaks here and there.
Change any of the games to suit your Party, make them easier for the little one, hey! Who ever said that Musical Chairs is only for 5 to 7 year olds, great as an ice breaker for the big kids and adults alike.
Don’t forget to use the resources listed to help with word themes or trivia you may be organising, there are lists of useful words for Christmas and Easter, with song titles and films. Little bits we hope will make your Party go smoothly.

Click through the various sections for outdoor parties, adult ice breakers, office party and team building, along with amusing dinner party and seasonal games. You may even find the one you had forgotten!

Who can remember “Word Association”?I always thought it was written by a psychiatrist.

It can be played by any number of players.

The idea is, the first player says a word, and the next player says a word associated to it.

I.e., Orange-Apple-Red-Wine etc.

The fun starts when the game speeds up, and words begin to run out.

You hesitate, repeat a word, or you deviate well off track.

Everyone calls ‘hesitation’,’ repetition’, or ‘deviation’ and decide on a suitable forfeit for you.

With younger children, they are out, until the person next to them hesitates, then they are back in the game.

Give it a try; it really is silly great fun!

Please let us know if your favourite party game has been missed and forgotten.
As you browse through this free site you may notice how little it costs for hours of entertainment.
Buy the balloons and sticky notes, but then use the empty drink bottles before they go to the land fill sites. Breakfast cereal boxes, newspapers and rolled up socks are all mentioned in several games.

Keep this Site Free for all to use, share your feedback, click and join on Facebook and Twitter and have some party fun everyday.

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